Sushi Drop

In the puzzle game Sushi Drop, you must drop and merge identical sushi blocks to produce the more pricey and upscale sushi that the diners have ordered. The sushi may be rearranged using a blender booster and undesired sushi can be removed using a bomb booster. To receive a fantastic bonus, attempt to merge more than once in a row. To hire a new chef for your sushi restaurant, collect coins. How pricey and opulent can sushi be?

Release: 2020 August (Android and iOS)
Jan. 20, 2023 (WebGL)
This game was created by UNIT5.

Web browser platforms (desktop and mobile)
iOS Android Last Updated: February 17, 2023

Right or left Go left or right with the arrow keys.
Drop sushi with the down arrow key, space, and left-click

Use the mouse to select the right position of the numbers.
To the final answer, the machine will automatically display the numbers in the position that the player has chosen

How to play

Using Mouse