Stacktris 2048

Stacktris 2048 is a 3D version of the 2048 and Tetris games. Challenge everyone and rack up as many points as you can! This is an addicting matching cube merging game for individuals who enjoy numerical logic games. Create a successful plan and score as many points as possible.

Delightful number game for brain training
An uncommon combination of two games: Tetris and 2048
To obtain new dice with larger numbers, combine dice.
There is no time limit in the logic and merging game.
Control mechanics for dice are smooth and straightforward.
November 2022 is the release date (WebGL)

This game was created by Mirra Games.

Web browser platform (desktop and mobile)

Drag the left mouse button to spin the block and click to drop it.


To position the data properly, use your mouse.
The equipment will automatically show the numbers to the player's definitive result in the location they had already selected.

How to play

Using Mouse