Get 1000

Navigate the tiles with the arrow keys. When two tiles with the same college touch merge into one!

Get 1000 is a fun and tough puzzle game in which your goal is to move one numbered tile into the grid's center and reach the number 1000. This may appear simple, but the gameplay is challenging, and you must carefully consider your choices and endure. Each move costs one life, and you can earn more lives by successfully reaching the center of the grid.

The various squares include various number kinds, such as multiplication values like x10 or x5 - use these to your advantage to generate the greater numbers needed to progress. Because you only have a limited number of lives, this game takes intense concentration. Can you reach 1000 and demonstrate your mathematical abilities?

February 2018 release date
BearDroid (Teddy Bouziat), a French-based indie game developer, created Get 1000.
A unique brain teaser game inspired by the popular 2048, but with more twists.
Aside from pushing the number to the center, each move costs a life.
After completing the classic mode, you will be able to unlock other modes.
The capacity to reverse a move
The daily quest
Get 1000 is a browser-based game.
Drag the left mouse button to move a tile.

How to play

Using Mouse